Stand-Out Product Lineup, Award-Winning Dealer Network and Forward-Thinking Leadership Team Drive Legendary Brand to Continued Success

Airstream Inc., manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer and subsidiary of Thor Industries (NYSE: THO), today announced that the brand closed out its fiscal year (July 31, 2018) with record-setting sales up 24 percent year over year. Over the last five years, Airstream sales are up a staggering 218 percent.

Airstream’s success is closely tied to the brand’s strong focus on growing its product lineup, which continues to lead the market in innovation. Earlier this year, Airstream broke ground on a major plant expansion that will support advanced R&D, enhanced product quality, and increased capacity. Airstream also recently debuted its Smart Control Technology for all 2019 Classic models in response to the changing relationship between transportation and technology. This proprietary technology is an industry-first and will allow consumers to engage with and control their Airstreams remotely.

Other successful product launches included the highly anticipated, design-savvy Nest by Airstream fiberglass travel trailer, the modern Globetrotter, the luxurious, best-in-class Atlas touring coach, as well the Basecamp X, which allows for more rugged, off-road use.

Another big driver of Airstream’s continued success is its steadfast commitment to the customer experience and a focus on quality over quantity in its dealer network. The brand now has 17 exclusive Airstream retailers in the U.S. delivering first-class service. Airstream has also introduced enhanced dealer programs and strict standards, like Airstream’s “Five Rivet” certification, which ensure that from lead generation to purchase and beyond, the Airstream customer is taken care of.

Due to an exponential increase in demand, Airstream has grown its workforce from 269 associates in 2012 to more than 1,000 associates today. In the last year, the company’s leadership team and their respective roles have transformed as well: Bob Wheeler is now the President and CEO of both Airstream and TH2, a joint venture that is staking a bold claim into the future of travel and adventure through technology; Justin Humphreys (formerly Vice President of Sales) is now Airstream’s Chief Operating Officer; Mollie Hansen (formerly VP of Marketing) is now Chief Marketing Officer; and Lenny Razo is Airstream’s new Vice President of Sales.

“Strong new products, innovation, and a robust, dedicated dealer network are the biggest contributors to Airstream continuing to surpass sales targets year after year,” said Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream. “We are closely looking at how the industry and consumer needs are evolving, and Airstream intends be at the forefront of delivering products and experiences that align with those expectations.”

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Published by PR Newswire. 09/20/2018

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