Covid-19 Related Rental Information


We continue to make cleanliness of our RV’s a top priority. We thoroughly spray all of our campers before each rental and after the rental returns with a chemical called SteriFab, which kills Bed Bugs, Viruses, Bacteria and more. It is a non-residual spray that deodorizes as it disinfects, and is the only EPA registered virucide, disinfectant, and insecticide in one product.

Great question! We are being very conscious of sanitation practices for our renters both in the campers and in our office. We are strict on allowing at least 24 hours between rentals so that we can let the cleaning chemicals sit and take effect. In addition, we are strategically scheduling pick-up appointments to allow time to clean the desks and pens between completing paperwork. We are following current state mandates and require all our staff and guest to wear masks 100% of the time we are in contact. 

In addition, if a situation arises and a renter is forced to cancel their rental for Covid-19 related reasons, we now are offering our renters the opportunity to transfer their reservation deposit as a credit towards a future trip instead of forfeiting it (as stated in our cancellation policy).

We are still renting out our full RV fleet. However, we are not including the provisional items (i.e. bedding, towels, and kitchen items) to avoid cross contamination. We are still including the items necessary for the RV/travel trailer to function- such as power cord, water hose, and sewer hose.