• Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberg is focused on the passion around rediscovering the Great American Getaway with unbelievable adventures for travelers and families looking for that special “Trip of a Lifetime.” It’s about experiencing camping and the great outdoors that reminds us again all that once was good and what could be great again. MW Road Adventures is about rediscovering where we all developed our love for the great outdoors, family fun ,fitness and adventure. No detail is too small nor request is too big.
  • Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberg “combines the flexibility of choice with specific destination experience that provides an abundance of choice to meet the experience based traveler’s needs.
  • With Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberg, travelers confidently embark on their vacation knowing that their RV is safe and ready to go. We take the stress out of the unknown and provide our campers with all they need to know to safely embark on their adventure.
  • Most recently, the pandemic has completely disrupted EVERYTHING especially Travel. What we once took for granted has changed forever. How we define adventure and fun in the era of the pandemic requires everyone to re-examined every aspect of our lives. Fundamentals like family, community, and shared values have re emerged as the most important aspects of happiness and productivity. Everyone is embracing the importance of family and safely being together so we can focus on things that truly matter.
  • Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberg is focused to meet these needs today and tomorrow and provide the RV necessary to safely travel in today’s environment.

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