We have enjoyed many a camping trip and learned a great deal along the way. We don’t know it all, but we like to share tips from others to help you along your journeys. Road Adventures assumes no responsibility for information provided by others.

Turning Propane Tanks On and Off

Learn how to turn your propane tanks on for your unit

Hooking Up Your Elelctric

Understanding how to hook up your electric properly to your unit

Dumping Grey/Black Tanks

Learn how to properly hook up hoses to dump your toilet and kitchen water.

Hooking Up City Water

Watch how to hook your hose up to the city water

Turning Your Stove On

Jingles helps you step by step on how to work the stove.

Working the Fridge

Watch how to work the fridge under different conditions, whether it's electrical hook-up, propane or battery.

Making Your Bed

Convert your table into a sleeping area in just a couple minutes.