Finding an amazing RV resort isn’t a myth. It’s totally possible to locate an outdoor destination that you can camp at, relax in, make memories and have an amazing time. If you’re looking for an amazing camping adventure, you’re about to fall in love with this RV resort.

For 14 glorious nights, our family of four camped, “glamped” and had a blast at Catherine’s Landing in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Little did we know that everything that we thought we knew about camping was about to be changed.

While we were hosted during our trip to Catherine’s Landing, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

I’ll just come out and say it. We’re a camping family. We LOVE to camp. And up until about 2 weeks ago, we were avid campers at state parks, and that was about it. 

We’d had our eye on “doing the camping thing” for our Spring Break trip and Hot Springs, Arkansas caught our eye. The town looked like it was big enough to satisfy our need for adventure and after doing some research, we found out that there were a couple varying camping options as well. So far, so good.

It wasn’t until our research found Catherine’s Landing that we knew this was where we needed to camp. We instantly got the feeling that it was going to be our “home away from home”. Without hesitation, we booked a 2-week camping trip at a camping resort that our family will never, ever forget.


Everyone in our family has a different idea of what camping truly is. To me, it’s a safe location where I can rest peacefully surrounded by Mother Nature. And if I can get in some rest and relaxation while reading a good book or two, it’s truly the icing on the cake. (and I’m not gonna lie…Wifi is nice too since I work on the road. Shout out to the awesome wifi that Catherine’s Landing had!)

For my husband, water is the key for camping. Waking up every morning and seeing the sun rise over the water and sitting in front of the campfire at night with the reflection of the moon bouncing off the lake is what calms his camping soul.

And for our two girls? They’re all about s’mores, swimming and exploring. 

Until now, we hadn’t found a campground that satisfied all our needs and wants as campers. 

Guess what? Catherine’s Landing did. And they gave us more than we were expecting.

Need a bit of proof? Challenge accepted.

Here’s me relaxing:

Here’s my husband enjoying the lake view: 

And here are our girls, enjoying a bit of pool time. 

All these activities happened without ever having to leave the RV resort. While the proof is in the pictures, let’s dive in a

bit more about everything that Catherine’s Landing outdoor destination has to offer.


We often joke and refer to our family as a “buffet” family. And while we’re aren’t ones to shy away from food, we use that term to talk about how we all like to be active while enjoying a wide variety of activities. This is just another reason why we were attracted to camping at Catherine’s Landing. Literally, every single day gave us an opportunity to do something active and fun. 


Arriving in March, we didn’t know what to expect. I’d read that there was an outdoor heated saline pool, but what were the odds that it would actually be open during this time of year? Well, guess what. It was open and waiting for us to arrive.

It’s a safe bet to say that we spent probably 1/4 of our time enjoying every moment of swimming in that pool. Even though the outdoor air was cool, the pool was nice and warm and offered hour after hour of fun and excitement for our family. 

The middle of the pool was deeper but not too deep for fun and activity to happen. Plus, during the day there was a splash pad that was turned on for the kids to run around and play in as well. While that aspect wasn’t heated, it didn’t need to be since it was only on during the day when the sun was shining brightly. 

The pool and splash pad are located conveniently by the lodge and in the perfect placement to offer some stellar sunsets as well.


There’s just something calming about paddling up and down the lake. Being able to see the fish swim along beside you and watch the ducks and blue herrings swooping down into the water, hunting for their lunch and dinner, is absolutely amazing. And if you don’t happen to have your own kayak or canoe, don’t fret. You can rent either option from Catherine’s Landing and spend the day out on the water, exploring all the beauty and coves. 


Have I mentioned that our family is just drawn to the water? It wasn’t even a question to whether or not we were going to go out onto the lake on a boat…it was just a matter of time. We were able to have a boat for the afternoon and trust me…we explored that water up and down. We fished, we “parked” and had a picnic lunch on the boat and we turned up the radio and “cruised” around listening to the tunes. 

There’s nothing like chilling out on a boat to really get you relaxed and ready for the day.

Look at this cool cat chilling on the pontoon boat! She wasn’t ready to get off when it was time to go…Until we mentioned the word “s’mores“. That changes everything.


Did I mention that the camping resort is actually really large? And that’s awesome. There is so much room to walk, ride your bike and explore. But if you don’t want to walk or bike around the grounds, you can rent a golf cart and toodle around for the duration of the time that you’re there. 


The 9 hole frisbee golf course at Catherine’s Landing is beautiful! Not only was it a great way to throw some discs with my honey, but our girls were also able to lay out on a blanket and cheer us on.(They get in on some of the frisbee throwing action, too!) 

The course is really, really nice and easy to walk and maneuver. We were able to grab a quick game during the afternoon and teach the girls jst hw “good” mom and dad truly were. My skills are in the end game as I can’t get that darn disc to fly very far at all! 

And just because I’m a proud momma, here’s our 6-year-old showing me up! 


One of the best things to do when camping is hiking. And I was beyond impressed with the hiking trails that surrounded the acreage at Catherine’s Landing. We went on a 3-mile hike and explored every angle that we could. We jumped over creeks, found some super interesting trees and spent the hike talking about the nature that surrounded us. (Even the creek water was crystal clear!)

Just because this is one of the coolest trees, ever…We had to stop and pose with this beauty! (Ignore the ice cream in our hands…we needed a treat. Thankfully the lodge at the RV resort sells some awesome ice cream choices and flavors!)


While these two areas “technically” aren’t part of Catherine’s Landing, the two companies work very closely together and are definitely a match made in camping and outdoor heaven. We LOVED being able to access both of these without having to leave the campground. 

When it was time for our 4:00 zip lining adventure, we literally hopped on our bicycles and rode right to the area to start. It was that simple. Plus, guests that are camping at Catherine’s Landing get a discount off the cost of ziplining and the aerial playground.

Now, if I can be totally honest with you…I’m terrified of heights. And when I say terrified…I mean TERRIFIED. I’d always wanted to zip line but could never work up the courage. Once I saw it at the camping resort, I knew it was going to happen.

And thankfully, our 10-year-old daughter is always down for an adventure as well. Here she is, staring her fears in the face and taking an amazing leap of faith. 

Her courage and bravery still have me in awe. This was her first time outdoor zip lining as well and she was the first one off that platform every single time. 

Don’t forget about that aerial playground in the sky! If you like to climb through tunnels and walk on tightropes, this is one course that is calling your name. Seriously, look at how high this is. 

And if that view doesn’t give you the urge to climb, check it out from this view.

So, what do you say? Challenge accepted?


And if all those things weren’t enough, the lodge has a media center and a fitness center as well.

You and your family can snuggle up and watch a DVD on the projector on a rainy day or get a great workout in while your kiddos are still sleeping. And tell me…what type of fitness centers do you know that have this sort of view?

I wasn’t joking when I said that there were amenities galore, right? Again, we were there for 14 nights and literally only had to go into town and leave the campground very few times. (plus, when we did, we were literally only like 2 miles away from what we needed)

How many other campgrounds can boost that sort of retention rate?


I know a TON of people who love the thought of camping, but don’t have a way to make it happen.Either they don’t want to camp in a tent or they don’t have their own camper to pull and set up.Guess what? IT DOESN”T MATTER. Catherine’s Landing literally has something for everyone.

Glamping is totally a thing. You have the option of staying in a cabin or yurt at the RV resort and both are literally made up and ready for you to arrive. 

The reason that glamping is so great is that if you want to camp, you can. “Camping” isn’t just about staying in a tent or a camper…it’s about being in a place where you’re unplugged and exploring the beauty of nature. Cabins and yurts may give you some modern amenities but you’re still able to get that camping experience. Think of glamping as being able to be primal while being posh, too. 


More than likely, you’ve tent camped once or twice. How has your past tent camping experiences fared? Do you remember laying on the ground and having sticks and rocks poking you in your side? I do…(probably one of the reasons why we got a camper!) BUT, the tent camping spots at Catherine’s Landing are flat, clear and really, really nice. Plus, they’re beautifully tucked away where they back right up to the frisbee golf course. (On our next visit there, we’ve already got our tent spot picked outbecausee who doesn’t want to wake up and throw some discs?!) One of the nicest tent camping sports I’ve actually ever seen!


There were various sizes of campers during our stay at Catherine’s Landing located all over the campground. We camp and pull a travel trailer and were pleasantly surprised by how flat and large our camping spot was. Plus, we had a water view! 

All around us were Class C’s, Class B’s, Class A’s and a variety of other campers and there were never any issues with space, at all. We had plenty of room to roam and play and the camping spots offered enough distance between one another that noise wasn’t of concern, either.

And the best part? Every single RV camping spot is full hookups. Electric, water, and sewer for all!That’s the best news, ever! And if you happen to need to do laundry, there are multiple laundry facilities located throughout the property. 

Seriously, look at that view. We lived that life for 14 glorious days. (and I already miss it)


Every camping experience and adventure will be different. Our experiences will never be the same as yours. But one thing that I can say with certainty? You’ll love every moment at Catherine’s Landing RV Resort. From their amazing staff who welcomed us with open arms and worked so hard to keep the grounds immaculate (they picked up our trash curbside twice daily!) and clean, every moment there was truly amazing. Time just seems to stand still while there. And while that time stands still, somehow the time there literally flies by as well. 

I still can’t believe that we’re home. Our 2-week camping adventure was over in the blink of an eye and we’re still talking about all the fun and adventure that we had. In my heart and soul, that’s what camping is all about. Making memories that pull you to keep making them. 

Whatever you do, don’t pass up the chance to set up camp at an RV resort that truly understands the real meaning of camping. You’ll love every single moment that you spend exploring the beauty of Catherine’s Landing.

Our minds are still reeling with everything that we saw and the fears that we conquered and we owe that to the best RV resort that we’ve ever been to, Catherine’s Landing.

Cheer’s my friends. Here’s to you and your next camping adventure. The time is now to book and make memories.

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