We often are asked, especially by new RV-users, “What should we pack if we want to cook on the trip?” The answer is always – “it depends.” What you need to keep in your RV pantry for your trip entirely depends on what types of things you want to be cooking and the length of your trip. We rounded up some great articles and posts on this topic and some of our best recommendations.

rv pantry checklist what to pack


Stocking Your RV Pantry

We always recommend to pack as light as possible. A little prior meal planning can help this immensely.  If you know what meals you want to cook over the course of your trip and you have your recipes handy, pre-measure your ingredients as much as possible. Rather than bringing the entire jar of chili powder, pack only what you need and utilize small storage bags like these we found on Amazon.


RV Cooking Show’s Pantry Checklist

Here is a great list of spices, dry goods, canned goods and liquids to keep in your RV Pantry. Note: it is not imperative to keep ALL of these things yourself, this list is just a reference and to give you ideas of what to bring.

USA Today’s: How to Stock Your RV

This article gives you a more in-depth checklist to use when stocking your RV – over and above cooking items. It also includes cleaning supplies and outside storage ideas.

RV Goddess’: Organize Your RV Kitchen

We like this article because it includes some real life examples of items being used on trips and also gives some safety suggestions.

rv pantry cooking checklist

Pro Tip: If you don’t use/eat an item at home, chances are you won’t eat it/use it during your RV trip. A few exceptions are to be made for safety items and RV-specific cooking or storage pieces, of course. But if you don’t use coconut oil at home when you cook, you won’t use it in the RV.


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