We are ready to take you through Airstream Time Travel. Everything changes through time, and until you see this, you may not believe this. We are bringing the Airstream evolution right to you! (This is by no means a comprehensive list of models, it is a decade by decade breeze through.)

1935 Airstream Torpedo

The oldest and rarest Airstream is the 1935 Torpedo. The Torpedo had DIY work to be done to it’s  17 foot frame. It weighed 3,150 pounds unloaded, and was most amazing because it came about during the Great Depression. The Torpedo was able to sleep 4 grown adults, and had some amenities that defy the time in 1935–such as pressurized water from the tank underneath.


1948 Airstream Liner

As we see the Airstream shape evolve, the Land Yacht starts getting bigger and bigger. This beauty is 22 feet long, and like all the models has many different layouts.

1956 Flying Cloud

This 22 foot classic is almost all original, and has the 13 panel endcap, which shows the pre-1957 trailer off. As you can see, the Airstream is a great investment because for only a toilet replacement in this actual model, for 61 years old, it is in beautiful shape.

1965 Globetrotter

This 20 foot silver bullet gives that retro feel, and shows off again how resilient the Airstream really is.

1973 Airstream Excella 500

Weighing in at 5,500 pounds before you add your contents, this beauty has a blue strip running down the side.

1989 Airstream Sovereign

The range of length on this model is impressive, but so are the amenities that the Sovereign brings to the table. The beautiful glass work in the lower cabinets, as shown in the photos, to the upholstery, this model is available right here at Haydocy.

2017 Airstream Tommy Bahama

This bright model seems to cater more to the outdoors-people. The swordfish accents make this the perfect Airstream to take on a fishing excursion.

Final Thoughts

The pictures speak for themselves–Airstream has always been top of the line. Come see us today to walk through a Land Yacht, and see the adventures waiting for you. An Airstream in the family means making time to get together.



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