We here at Road Adventures love it when our renters return from a trip and tell us all about their fun adventures and experiences. One location that has become more and more popular is the breathtaking Mammoth Caves located in Kentucky. For that reason, we decided to show off this great destination for this month’s Hot Spot. 

Below you’ll find our top picks of what to see, do, and experience on your next trip. We hope you find inspiration for your next great American getaway!

Mammoth Caves and National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in central Kentucky and is the longest cave system known in the world! The caves have more than 400 miles that have been explored, and the National Park has plenty more features to offer. They give every member of your crew something to look forward to including the Diamond Caverns, river caves, canoeing, fishing, boating, water skiing and swimming, live kangaroos, rollercoasters, dinosaurs, zipline rides, horseback riding, balloon rides, and MORE!

Zipline Rides

Many locations across America offer zipline rides through treetops, and across valleys and fields, but Louisville Mega Cavern features something truly special for its visitors: an underground zipline experience! So come on down, strap yourself in, and explore the caves.


The Kentucky Museum at Western Kentucky University has the perfect collection of artifacts and relics for you and your family to enjoy! Some of the museum’s top items on display include historical artifacts of Duncan Hines, the American Civil War, Quilts, Ken Burns, Charlie Daniels, Dale Earnhardt, and more!


Riding down Kentucky’s Green River in Mammoth Cave State Park is truly peaceful and serene! What better way to enjoy the great outdoors and the slow moving waters than to take an extended canoe or kayak trip? These trips range from a three hour excursion to a three day camping adventure! It’s beautiful and truly worth every second on your next adventure!

Camping Options

Mammoth Cave Campground has everything you need to set up and enjoy the warmth of a campfire. The best part is that its location is within walking distance to the longest cave system in the world! It’s the perfect spot to camp when vacationing in Kentucky and will have all the hook ups you need for any travel trailer, Airstream, or drivable we offer.


The Lodge at Mammoth Cave offers a great variety of dining options at the Green River Grill! Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this restaurant has you covered. Some of it’s featured options include a breakfast buffet, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, southern fried chicken, and bacon wrapped rainbow trout, amongst so much more. So during your stay, why not check them out?

All in All

Mammoth Caves really does have a taste of everything you could want in an outdoors experience. Between cave exploration, hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, and great food options, it really does have all the best features to explain why our renters love going there. We definitely recommend it as an option for your next great American getaway!

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