If you’re loving the idea of camping, but don’t own a tent or camper, don’t fret! Glamping and luxury camping are exactly what you need!

Arriving at Catherine’s Landing in Hot Springs, Arkansas for our 14-night stay was an amazing adventure. While we pulled up with our home on wheels (travel trailer camper) attached to our truck, we noticed that there were many people there that were staying in cabins and yurts. This growing trend is called “glamping” and it’s actually really, really cool.

So cool in fact, that we knew that we had to get in on this idea of luxury camping ourselves! And that, my friends, is exactly what we did! We’ll fill you in on all the details of glamping at Catherine’s Landing in Hot Springs, Arkansas! 

It’s possible to go camping without having to bring anything of your own along! (except for your clothes…and s’mores ingredients, of course!) If you love staying in hotels, glamping at Catherine’s Landing isn’t that much different. In fact, if you ask me, it’s better because you get to wake up every day with nature waiting right outside your door!

While we were hosted on our trip, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

You’ve probably heard the term glamping a time or two. Maybe you’ve even done it as well. But I can promise you this…Glamping at Catherine’s Landing is one luxury camping experience that you won’t ever forget. Not only are their cabins and yurts stocked and ready for you to arrive, but their RV resort offers so many activities for the entire family! 

Think outdoor heated swimming pool, fitness room, pontoon boats, kayak rentals, zip lining, fishing, frisbee golf course, dog parks…and that’s actually not everything that they have. Those amenities in themselves offer quite the glamping experience. But at Catherine’s Landing, they take luxury camping to a whole other experience. And how many hotels do you know that offer ALL of that, plus the experience of being in nature?! 


Some people actually refer to it as luxury camping, but the most common term is glamping. It’s a combination of glamour and camping melted together to form the magical word. Glamping is actually quite popular for people that don’t have their own way to camp or don’t like the idea of sleeping outside in the elements. 


I’m so glad you asked! A glamping cabin is basically a small cabin or cottage that is located near areas that offer outdoor activities but is built and stocked with all the modern amenities that we’ve all come to love and adore. 


Honestly, it’s awesome. You literally book your cabin, or yurt, and show up. All you have to really worry about bringing is yourself, your clothes, and your food. The resort or campground that you’re staying at takes care of almost everything else. 


Our camping adventure at Catherine’s Landing afforded us the opportunity to glamour camp in one of their beautiful cabins for a night. It did not disappoint. (in fact, it spoiled us quite a bit!) I’m not gonna say I was sad to have to go back to our camper after staying in the cabin…but that large bathroom and shower were quite nice!

From the moment that we arrived at the front door, we knew that we would forever be hooked on glamping. 


Nestled in a quiet area of the RV resort, your next luxury camping experience awaits. And while I can type out everything in great detail, I’m just going to let the picture do the majority of the talking for me. (and of course, add in all the extra special touches that you have to know about!)

Doesn’t this fireplace add an awesome ambiance from the moment that you walk in the door?!(Cable TV is offered throughout the two TV’s in the cabin)

In the middle of the cabin downstairs area is this gorgeous kitchen. Literally anything that you could need (besides food) is here. I’m taking can opener, microwave, coffee pot, dish towels, dishes, and silverware…everything. Oh – and coffee pot! (caffeine is life, right?!)

The cabin has a full-size fridge in it so you can pack up and bring all your own food! Plus, the eat-in kitchen is great for rainy days or extra seating.

And on the other side of the fridge, hiding behind that wall is the stacked washer and dryer. So, so nice. Great for washing those towels after hanging out in the pool all day or keeping up on the laundry while you’re glamping! 

And just because I’m OBSESSED with this farmhouse decor, this picture just had to make the cut.Seriously, this cabin is decorated perfectly. (Can I hire them to come and remodel our house?!)

The downstairs area also offers an amazing bedroom with a queen size bed and quite possibly the cutest little pig just waiting for you to arrive. (Can I just glamp forever?!) 

And while you may not be overly excited about the bathroom…..After camping in our camper for 12 days, I was quite ecstatic about this part of the cabin. It’s nice, spacious and has a huge walk-in shower. Plus, again, it’s fully stocked with towels, soap, and shampoos. (I’d choose this cabin over a hotel any day)

But…if you ask our girls, you’ve yet to see the best part of this luxury camping experience. This little cutie below is about to show you her favorite part of the whole cabin glamping experience…

THE LOFT. While this is actually another bedroom area offered in th

e cabin, our two girls spent HOURS up here playing, imagining and loving life. They used the loft as their space to play, read and snuggle up and relax.It literally couldn’t have been a more perfect space for them to explore. 

And for the purpose of showing you that adults can fit in the loft as well, my husband got up there and joined in on the fun! He’s 6’4” and had plenty of room. Isn’t he just the cutest? (and best dad, ever!)

Here’s the view overlooking the living room below the loft. Look at all that natural sunshine coming through those windows!!!

This is how they spent most of their time. Isn’t this the cutest? 

One of my favorite places in the glamping cabin? The front porch. Comfy seating with a ceiling fan to keep the breeze going? Yes, please.

And that view? I could stare at that for hours…(You literally won’t get this amazing view staring out of a hotel window)

My husband literally did. Talk about true relaxation at its finest.


While we are huge lovers of exploring the countryside in our camper, we *might* have fallen in love with glamping as well. Can you blame us? We felt spoiled and so lucky to have stayed in this cabin.From top to bottom, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. 

One other really cool aspect of these cabins was that anytime we wanted to go swimming, ride our bikes, take a hike or explore the campground, everything was literally just a few steps outside our door. 

I also want to point on that glamping doesn’t have to mean just cabins! Catherine’s Landing also offers glamping in a yurt!


While they are similar, yurts actually have a wooden support structure on the sides that go up to the roof, giving more support. Plus, yurts are round while most tents are not. 


If you’ve glamped in a cabin before, give a yurt a try! Catherine’s Landing offers several yurt options as well that are certain to fit your needs! They are a little less modern (no TV’s, bathroom or stove) but still have a small fridge and microwave for you to use. Plus, the views are so beautiful and literally right outside your door! 

Who doesn’t want this view? Really “roughing” it camping, right? It’s such a beautiful camping spot.

Each yurt also has a King sized bed, big enough for everyone to snuggle in and relax after a day of loving life.

And if you need more room, this bunk bed and futon combination works perfectly.

There’s even a coffee pot for that must-have caffeine need!

Plus, your yurt has your own personal skylight to see the beautiful stars.

And my favorite part? These doors that open up to the beautiful back scenery.

It’s time to put glamping on your radar. Luxury camping at Catherine’s Landing is waiting and ready for you to arrive!

Whether you want to camp in your camper, a tent, a cabin or a yurt, there are literally options that can make camping a reality for each and every person! This RV resort is the perfect utopia for any and all types of campers. 

What are you waiting for?

Our time luxury camping was amazing and I’ll never forget how it felt to have that perfect combination of outdoors and modern. With us being a “hodgepodge” family, I can say with certainty that glamping is in our future camping plans for sure! 

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