Camping at Hocking Hills

Ohio is fondly called the heart of the country, so start enjoying Ohio with a Road Adventure to Hocking Hills. Park that Airstream at the Hocking Hills State Park Campground then you will have access to swimming pools, volleyball courts, and horse shoe pits, in addition to other things for recreation. For convenience there are showers, a laundry facility, and various other amenities.

There are six main trails in Hocking Hills to keep you busy, with different bridges, waterfalls, and a variety of other natural attractions. These trails will keep the pictures and memories coming. The trails are naturally gorgeous, but also potentially dangerous. This is an adventurer’s dream. Some trails have handicap accessible trails, and dogs on leashes are welcome at Hocking Hills, so, that way no one has to be left behind. Check with the park for more information about the trails, while we give you a quick overview.

Quick Trail Overview at Hocking Hills

-Old Man’s Cave Trail is a 1 mile trail. Old Man’s Cave Trail leads to Devil’s Bathtub, multiple waterfalls, and more for you to find. Sphinx Head emerges at the far end of the trail, so see if you can spot it. Enjoy the tunnel that goes beneath the cliffs.

-Rock House is a 1/2 mile trail that leads to a tunnel corridor halfway up a 150 foot cliff made of rugged Blackhand Sandstone. The large main corridor is 200 feet long and between 20 and 30 feet wide. Window openings let sunlight into the cave. Robbers Roost got the name because of an interesting history of bandits and criminals hiding out. While exploring Robbers Roost, you will find water holding tanks, carvings on the walls, and baking ovens used by Native Americans.

-Cedar Falls is 1/2 mile long trail that leads to the largest waterfall in Hocking Hills. Cedar Falls Trail exhibits moss covered cliffs. Maybe you will also see the remains of a grist mill from the mid-1800’s. Watch your step while trail follows a creek and has bridges and steps to enjoy.

-Cantwell Cliffs is a 1/2 mile trail is a very hardy trail. This trail is well known for the “fat woman’s squeeze” on the lower trail, due to hikers needing to squeeze through a narrow pass to get to the bottom trail.  The trail is dense.

If you finish the main 6 trails, then you can explore one of these: the Whispering Cave and the Hemlock Bridge Trail. More information on trails are available at the Hocking Hills website.

Hocking Hills Provides Handicap Accessibility

-Ash Cave is a handicap accessible asphalt trail that is 1/2 mile long. The highlights of this popular trail are a cascading waterfall, skyscraping hemlocks, and a wide recess cave.

-Conkle’s Hollow trail gives options of an upper and lower trail, with the upper trail being not recommended for children. The rim trail is 2.5 miles long, and is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The lower trail will then take you to the “haunted” Horsehead Grotto, and past many recessed caves.

So, now that you’re learning about the wonderful sights in Hocking Hills, let Road Adventures book your next adventure with one of our Luxurious Airstreams or Teardop pull behinds today, and get you out on your next road adventure!

Sites to Check Out at Hocking Hills

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