If you plan to spend your summer in an Airstream or RV Rental, we have some useful tips for you!


Handling the Heat

Preventative measures are best when camping, so look for shade when parking.

You can also keep the awning open so that the sun doesn’t beat straight into the windows. The awning being up also keeps the sun off the metal siding, which helps a lot!

Fans and air conditioning obviously help, and again, are easier when used before it is scorching. Closing the windows or using reflective shades on windows can also help.

Summer Activity Ideas

The Airstream gives you the capability of getting out on the road, and spending the summer exploring. No matter what you like to do, it is possible.

You can set up your storage area to hold sports equipment like tennis rackets and balls, gloves for baseball or softball, rollerskates or blades, fishing gear, diving equipment, basketball. The possibilities are truly endless.

There are even new gadgets like collapsible kayaks, that end up being the size of a backpack. Go kite flying, bring a bag hammock, a picnic basket, find pick your own fruit farms, and local produce to really get the lay of the land.

Or just hit the open road with the plan in mind to see as many national iconic landmarks as possible. Grand Canyon anyone? Or various others.

Why Airstream?

Well, that’s a great question. As a short answer, the RV Rental has all the amenities and has been around long enough to know what road travelers need and want. Ultimately, the panache of driving a Land Yacht is penultimate, but it is also comfortable and just plain fun. The Airstream brand has been pioneering in the field since the early 1930’s. This is exciting news because the brand has been around for a long time, and has survived national crises like the Great Depression and World War II. Come see the Airstream today, and see what we are talking about.


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