Endless Caravan: Schillers in the Sunshine State

The Schillers’ Endless Caravan is well underway and off to a strong start. The family recently wrapped up a trip around Florida that included a very successful event with a homeschool community in Ft. Lauderdale.

Already, the Schillers have made some great memories together. One of their favorite stories from the first leg of their trip started off with a bit of a challenging situation: in Miami, they couldn’t find anywhere to park their Airstream. A random stranger noticed their struggle and kindly offered them his driveway. The Schillers ended up enjoying a cookout with the man’s family, plus a dip in the pool!

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The family is feeling more at home in their Airstream every day. They recently added a creative corner to the trailer, complete with art materials and supplies. And, the kids are learning to play guitar!

Where are the Schillers headed next? They’re en route to Austin, TX, for their April 8 event, which is almost full already.

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