Our friends Sara, Aaron and their four-legged friend Blake packed up our GMC Yukon and 25ft Airstream and headed to the Mohican State Park Campground for a quick weekend getaway of camping, hiking, and relaxing.

After arriving at the campground, they decided to fire up a campfire in the campfire ring.

“We cooked multiple meals over the campfire throughout the weekend. This recipe for the Sheepherders Breakfast was our favorite and definitely one that we will be making again. It was easy, delicious and filling after all the hiking we did.”

The next morning, they hiked 6 miles at the park connected to the campground. “We loved the hike. We got lost, then we found our way back to the trail. It was a great hike, and it ended at the tent campground at the opposite end of the park. Our dog loved it, too!”

“On Sunday morning, we hiked two miles at Lyon Falls Park.  It was a few minute drive from the Mohican State Park campground, but it was worth it. The views were beautiful, and there was a great waterfall to view.” During the spring and summer the falls are spectacular, with much more water.

“The Mohican State Park offers a ton of cool activities for guests, including a water tube launch, a swimming pool, a bike trail, hunting, fishing, boating, and hiking. We spent most of the weekend hiking and just enjoying the time outdoors. It was a much-needed weekend getaway. And it was nice that it’s just a quick drive from Columbus, where we live.”

Thanks to Sara and Aaron for sharing their weekend adventure to Lyons Falls    and the Mohican State Park Campground. To book your own weekend adventure, visit our Road Adventures site.

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