Today’s Road Adventures Hot Spot location is Kelley’s Island State Park off of beautiful Lake Erie. The island is accessible by ferries running throughout the daytime and instantly gives you the feeling of a remote vacation when you arrive at the docks.  Once you step foot onto the solid ground, you may be tasked with picking what to do first. Well, we at Road Adventures have you covered!  Below is our top picks of things to do at Kelley’s Island:

Glacial Grooves

Our first pick is the Glacial Grooves! The most popular go-to for visitors to the Island, these grooves were created by the slow movement of a massive glacier over many years. With accessible parking and walking trails, the grooves make a fun trip for singles, couples, or families to visit.


The campground at Kelley’s Island State Park offers tent camping, on-site cottages, and our favorite: RV campsites with full hookup available. The perfect way to soak up the island is to camp there in your pick of any of our travel trailers, RV drivables, or Airstreams.

Places To Eat

Who would want to stay somewhere without the option for tasty food? Kelley’s Island is filled with wonderful small and large restaurants including West Bay, Island House Restaurant & Martini Bar, Caddy Shack Restaurant and Buckey Bar, Dockers Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, and Captain’s Corner Bar & Grill, among many other great options.

Places To Shop

Kelley’s Island is also home to many fun places to spend quality shopping time! What Kelley’s Island doesn’t have is franchised stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. But what it lacks in large-scale storefronts, it makes up for in a locally run general store, antique shops, and unique clothing stores across the island.

How To Get Around The Island

There are numerous ways to get around the island once there. The choice is yours! Between an island taxi, golf cart rentals, bicycle rentals, or you can always walk, the location opens itself for its visitors to enjoy lovely scenic travel around the small island in surprising ways.

Enjoy The Big Catch!

The island does have one not-so-surprising feature… it’s surrounded by the waters of Lake Erie and therefore supplies great fishing spots all-the-way around! So whether by yourself or with your friends and family, the fishing off of Kelley’s Island is fantastic fun in the great outdoors!

Whether you want come up for a week or a weekend, camping at Kelley’s Island State Park campground will give you the outdoors vacation you have been looking for without the major mileage being put on the odometer.  So why not plan your next Road Adventure and look forward to a great time!

(Images Sourced: Kelley’s Island Chamber)