5 REASONS TO RENT AN AIRSTREAM TRAVEL TRAILER Few trailers stand out like an Airstream. Their sleek design and shiny silver skin sets them apart right away. They have been turning heads for more than 75 years. Here are some reasons to rent and Airstream for your next RV adventure.

It’s a travel trailer

The great thing about a travel trailer is that you can park it at your camping spot, and then use the tow vehicle to explore your environment. With a motorhome, you either are very limited in where you can drive it, or you have to tow an extra car along with you. A typical 1500 rated truck will tow most Airstreams and make a great vehicle for exploring the back-country. Check out some of the amazing driving adventures you can have with a good truck. Outdoorsy rents both Airstreams and tow vehicles. If you rent a trailer, it’s a good idea to make sure you know whether a tow vehicle is included in the rental.

Easy to tow

The sleek outer body of an Airstream is not just for show, it’s also to make them aerodynamic. They have less drag from wind than most other trailers. They are also considerably lighter than other trailers of their size due to the all-aluminum body. This makes them easier towing in just about every way. You can climb hills easier, experience less trailer sway, maneuver in smaller spaces, break faster, accelerate quicker, and maintain a good speed safely. They also typically have a lower clearance than a lot of other trailers. This means fewer worries about low overhangs or snagging up on tree branches on a narrow drive. It also results in a lower center of gravity, meaning the trailer is more stable in a turn and is rocked around much less when parked during strong winds.
Reasons to rent an Airstream | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

Great interiors

Airstreams are something of a luxury brand among trailers. This results in more attention paid to both the interior styling and the quality of the fixtures and appliances. You may find the faucets and other details are a step up from the ones you have at home. Airstream interiors are designed to give you a sense of peace and tranquility, an escape from the harshness of the wilderness, and from the clutter of day-to-day living. They also have lots of windows compared to many other trailer brands, and nearly all of them can be opened.
Reasons to rent an Airstream | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

Great conversation starters

Airstreams inspire a lot of loyalty among those who own them, and interest among those who don’t. If you arrive at a campground in an Airstream and you are out and about at your campsite, there is a decent chance someone will strike up a conversation about it. So, if you want an icebreaker that will help you meet your fellow campers, it works like a charm.

It’s so pretty

The shiny reflective surface and pleasing shape are just plain attractive. They reflect the colors of the environment around them, almost blending in despite standing out. It may seem like a small thing, but returning to your camp after a long days adventuring in the wilds, and finding your accommodations to be a beautiful addition to the scenery is a real joy. It makes you feel very lucky.
Reasons to rent an Airstream | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace
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