In the Path of Totality

Val Mitrione rented out our Forest River Sunseeker RV, and took the Solar Eclipse trip of a lifetime to Franklin, Kentucky at Kentucky Downs.

Pam Burton, Kay Senft, and Mary Vance joined Val. Their viewing spot choice left them right in the path of totality. They were kind enough to send us some awesome pictures. Where our happy RV travelers stopped, on August 21, 2017, the moon covered the sun around 1:22, for a full two minutes. This trip embodies exactly our goal. Make sure that life is lived to the fullest, that moments become memories, and that these things are shared with others! A special thanks to Val, Pam, Kay, and Mary for the pictures of the solar eclipse. We appreciate you sharing this great event with us!


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Fun Facts About the 2017 Solar Eclipse

  1. In 38 years, this was the first solar eclipse to pass over the continental United States of America.
  2. Due to the above fact, everyone in the USA was able to see at least a partial eclipse.
  3. The first contact was in Oregon.
  4. Furthermore, the center line crossed through 12 states! Our campers were in Kentucky, but other states were: Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina.
  5. In Carbondale, Illinois, the longest totality was experienced. As a result, darkness was cast for the maximum 2 minutes and 40.2 seconds in the middle of the day!
  6. Totality itself was safe to look at, but we hope you had the eclipse glasses before and after totality.

Wherever you were, we hope you had the chance to enjoy the phenomenon. Start planning ahead–the next huge solar eclipse is April 8, 2024! No more waiting 38 years! Make sure you book that solar eclipse with Road Adventures! Of course, we will remind you again, before then.

Other Sky Events to Build an Adventure Around:

September 5–Neptune is at Opposition. Neptune is a giant blue planet, and will be in its closest approach to Earth. The sun will illuminate the face of Neptune. As a result, Neptune will be brighter than any other night of the year. You will need a powerful telescope to see the blue dot in the sky, but that’s where a trip may come in handy.

September 22–September Equinox. The sun will shine directly on the equator which creates almost an equal amount of day and night throughout the world. Consequently, we begin the first day of fall!

October 8–Draconids Meteor Shower. You may need patience, because there may only be 10 meteors per hour. Early evening viewing makes this a family ordeal from October 6 to 10, but the 8th is the peak. Dust grains trailing behind comet 21P Giacobini-Zinner, which was discovered first in 1900, make this meteor shower possible.

October 21-22–Orionids Meteor Shower. This meteor shower ramps it up to 20 meteors per hour at the peak. Most noteworthy, this shower is produced by the dust grains of Haley’s comet. Every year, this meteor shower runs from October 2 to November 7, so let’s get you out on the road. Due to the low moonlight, best viewing is after midnight. The meteors will radiate from the Orion constellation, but can show up anywhere in the sky, so keep your head up.

Don’t be Shy!

Finally, let us know how we can help you plan your next trip! Keep checking back to find ideas, and always feel free to share your trips with us. We love pictures featuring our RV’s and clients! It helps us get ideas too! So, don’t be shy and get out on the next road adventure of a lifetime! We have customized vacations available to make planning easier. Let us do the work.

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