ROCK ISLAND, Illinois  —  Dozens of women, dressed in their Halloween best, went camping at the KOA Campground in Rock Island, Illinois during the weekend of October 20 to encourage female empowerment.  The women are part of the largest women’s organization in the country with a focus on outdoor activities, Sisters on the Fly.
“Women are learning how to fish,” Sisters on the Fly member Pam Fisher said. “They learn how to horse back ride, how to camp, how to pull a trailer. It’s all about women empowerment, with adventures and fun along the way.” The organization has 13,000 members across the country, with over 100 in Illinois and Iowa. The women celebrated their “I love fall camping” event by dressing up as “witchy women” and celebrating Halloween. They decorated their vintage campers and trick or treated around the campsite. “It’s just fun because we`re wild and crazy and we just do whatever the heck we want,” Fisher said. Fisher said you don’t have to enjoy camping or fishing to join the organization. She says it’s all about being independent. “A lot of these gals haven’t been able to be independent,” Fisher said. “It’s really neat to watch them grow and get confident.”

Written by Lauren Jackson, for WQAD News. 10/20/2018

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