They’re part of the family and you’re not going anywhere without them. So plan smart. You don’t want to forget necessary meds or stay at a place that isn’t pet friendly. Here are a few tips to make sure your pets are as comfortable as possible on your journey:

1. Think ahead. Will you be traveling for an extended period of time or visiting a spot that’s relatively remote? If your pet has a preferred brand of food or other needs that might not be readily available on the road, make sure you pack them along.

2. Sometimes pet friendly isn’t pet friendly. Some campsites and RV parks allow pets but have restrictions on certain breeds or place limits on the number of animals that can stay with you. Do your homework and make sure the places where you’re staying allow for the pets you have.

3. Get your tags. You’ll be traveling so it’s vital your animal’s tags are all up to date with your correct address and your contact information. You’ll be in new places and if your pet wanders off, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing the little guy can get home.

4. Keep the uninvited guests at home. Make sure pets are free of ticks and fleas. The last thing you want is a pest infestation in your trailer.

5. Be thoughtful. You’re a good neighbor when you pick up after your pets and keep them quiet during the night. Little things like that ensure pets are more welcome at the places you visit.

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