Remember when, as a child, you wanted to fly like Superman? Well, here’s your chance. The Hocking Hills area is a “zippers” paradise. Gain a new perspective as you cross rivers or fly through forests. With more than 60 area zip lines and courses for every skill level, you are sure to find your wings. Or, if you are a water-type, make your way to the Hocking River and paddle through paradise. Simply cruising along the Hocking Hills Byway is a treat in itself. Choose from 15 campgrounds in the area. Regardless of your choice, Road Adventures and our AAA partners will make your Hocking Hills a perfect weekend getaway for you!


For the nature lover and thrill seeker alike, a zip line tour gives you a birds-eye view of the Hocking Hills’ amazing landscape. Soar over waterfalls and traverse suspense bridges as you suspend up to 1,400 feet in the air for an experience unlike any other. Learn about the area’s flora and fauna while you take in amazing vistas along with sandstone rock cliffs, recessed caves and the meandering Hocking River. Choose from “canopy” style to more traditional courses; one company offers dual courses, so you can race your peeps.


Sometimes you need a different view. Try seeing the Hills region via hot air balloon, small aircraft or horseback – you are sure to gain a new perspective of this amazing area. Most tours give 2-3 hours of prime experience and local guides offer an insider’s look of the place they call home. Or, make your own way along the 26.4 miles of the Hocking Hills Byway along state route 374. The area’s unique hollows and caves give travelers a sense of the immense. Within Hocking Hills State Park, hike into caves and gorges while taking in waterfalls and other geological interests. Be sure to stop at Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls. At the end of your adventurous day, Road Adventures has your back when you return to your vintage trailer to rest up for the next day of fun.


Canoe, kayak, raft or tube – the choice is yours but don’t miss an opportunity to float down 15 miles of the Hocking River. Stop at sandbars to cool off, or bring a picnic. Be sure to stop at Natural Rockbridge – a 100-foot long and 50-feet high sandstone arch, carved millions of years ago. While canoe partners and solo kayakers will move more ambitiously, a raft or tubes are perfect for a slower, relaxing pace.

Are you ready for an adventure?