Your trailer is rented and you’re ready for adventure. The open road is calling, you’ve got your destination picked out and now it’s time to put your plan together. Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your trip.

  • Plan loosely. The one certainty you’ll find on a road trip is delay. Especially if you’re driving long distances over multiple days. Having a plan in place guarantees you’ll get to where you want to go and see everything you want along the way. But build in flexibility and be prepared with a plan B or even a plan C as you run into road construction, closed attractions and even that random bout of car sickness.
  • Pack smart. Start with the Road Adventure checklist – it helps you keep track of everything you’re packing and helps ensure you don’t forget anything. Make use of the space afforded by your truck or minivan and pack in bins. You can keep like items together, stack them relatively snuggly and then put them away right into your garage when you get home.
  • Leave the interstate. There are big, breathtaking vistas all across this country but usually you have to get off the interstate to see them. As you map out your route, do a little research into the nation’s vast network of scenic highways and byways and take the road less traveled.
  • Maintain the vehicle. If it’s your own truck or minivan pulling the trailer, make sure it’s road-ready. If that means letting a mechanic give it the once-over before you head out, do it. Nothing will derail your vacation faster than a snapped timing belt or blown water pump.
  • Be prepared. Make sure you know where your vehicle registration and proof of insurance is and that it’s easy to reach. If that scenic byway you took gets too windy and the kids start to look green, make sure you know where the nearest exit is to get you back to the interstate. Finally, make sure you’ve got someone reliable you can call if you run into trouble on the road.
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