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Marblehead, Ohio is close to home, but is a top travel destination nonetheless! With breathtaking views, Lake Erie fishing, beaches, swimming, local seafood, and a relaxing atmosphere that is unmatched across our great state, there are so many reasons why we chose this destination as this month’s Hot Spot. While there, you can’t miss seeing the famous Marblehead Lighthouse!

The Marblehead Lighthouse

Start with the biggest, most iconic image from Marblehead and Lake Erie with the Marblehead Lighthouse itself. Visit it for the view, the climb, the history, or just to say you’ve done it. Whatever the reason, this lighthouse experience will be one location you’ll be thrilled you’ve visited!



One has to travel quite a long ways out of state to find a quality beach experience. And while Lake Erie doesn’t sport white sand beaches, what it does have is the quaint and peaceful shorelines that the Great Lakes are known for. Perfect for long walks, or relaxing in the sun.



Right off the beautiful Lake Erie beaches lie some great swimming opportunities. Fresh Water swimming is some of the most enjoyable activities your family can have while venturing in the great outdoors! Lake Erie has lots of posted areas where swimming is allowed, so make sure you do some homework to select the swimming destination of your choice!



Lake Erie sports the best fishing Ohio has to offer with both dock fishing and boat fishing availability.  So grab your bait and tackle box and get ready for some great deep-water fishing.  The types of fish you may catch include Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, Crappie, White Perch, Northern Pike and Lake Erie Walleye!  Be prepared for some good eatin’!



What else would you WANT to eat at Marblehead other than great seafood?  We recommend Three Cod Tavern on Pleasant Street.  They have the aesthetic of dining at Marblehead perfectly represented and offer superb meals from Baked Stuffed Shrimp to their traditional Three Cod Clam Chowder. One visit to their site will get your mouth watering!


Camping Options

The trick to finding premiere RV campgrounds near Marblehead is to find a nice full-service RV campground that is nearby so you don’t have to travel far to get to where you want to go.  Our top pick? Fort Firelands RV Resort with 50 amp service, sewer, water, and to make it REALLY stand out, it’s at an 1800s style frontier fort!

Fort Firelands RV Resort


Marblehead really is the perfect destination for Ohio travelers who want a spot to camp close by, but yet give the feeling of a destination getaway.  It’s worth every second you spend there!