This month, our Road Adventures Hot Spot covers a beautiful oasis within nature and offers both adventure and peaceful relaxation in the Allegheny National Forest! Pennsylvania’s rich landscape and beautiful rivers will give you and whoever is along for the ride the fun and memory-making experiences you’ve longed for! Below you can find our top picks for things to do, places to eat, and sights to explore! Enjoy!

Kinuza Sky Walk

The first spot we recommend you check out on your trip is the Kinuza Sky Walk! This elevated path offers amazing and breathtaking views of Pennsylvania’s Kinuza Gorge. It is 624 long and over 225 feet high allowing you to walk through the sky above the forest! A photo on top of the Sky Walk is a must on your visit!

Fishing Opportunities

The Allegheny Reservoir expands across over 12,000 acres and is one of the best places to go if you’re seeking Trout, Bass, Pike, Walleye, and Muskellunge! They’re large and ready to pull out of the water with ease! So come by, kick up your feet, and start casting for some of the best fishing south of Canada!



The Allegheny Reservoir also offers 99 miles of shoreline extending all the way to New York border! You can see it all in a variety of boating options including local boat rentals, bringing your own motorboat, or canoeing down the banks and letting the sounds of the wild pour in around you! Peaceful tranquility this good is hard to find!

Hiking Trails

Pennsylvania is covered in large hills and forests, but the Allegheny National Forest is unique in that it offers beautiful vistas you can hike across thirteen trails covering 201 miles. You could hike for your entire trip and still be unable to hike it all and see everything that the national forest offers!


This forest is so massive and spans so many miles that there are large amounts of restaurants and eateries to check out! For starters, near Bradford, PA there is a nice dine-in spot called Togi’s Family Restaurant! Family owned and operated since 1972, this restaurant has a wide variety of meals that would please everyone along for the ride!

Camping Options

Allegheny National Forest has 15 campgrounds offering full service and hookup RV sites, primitive camping options, cabins, and more! What better way to enjoy nature then staying in the heart of it!

We highly recommend this beautiful piece of creation! The Allegheny National Forest is the perfect getaway from modern technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life!


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