Making Our Way Onto Wahl St.

It goes without saying that Mark Wahlberg is a superstar. He’s been in countless movies, from Ted to Transformers, and, in more recent years, has been working on growing his business empire. But how does he do it? Enter Wahl Street.

Wahl Street is Mark Wahlberg’s new, 8-episode docu-series on HBOMax outlining the ups and downs of actor-gone-entrepreneur. It showcases his life in a new way that we’ve never seen, and I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that I’m excited to see what this series has to offer. Check out the trailer:

From businesses related to Health & Wellness, Apparel, Restaurants, Entertainment, and even this RV store, we’ll see the struggle and triumph of Mark striking business deals and growing his brand.

Make sure to check out Wahl St. on HBOMax when it premiers on April 15th.