At only 12 miles long by five miles wide, Hilton Head Island is a gem surrounded by white sand beaches and stunning views. Located at the southern tip of South Carolina, just 30 miles northeast of Savannah, Georgia, the island is known for its beauty and resort vibe. Go to Hilton Head for the pristine waters, the relaxing outdoors activities, or for postcard opportunities that will make all your friends back home jealous. Camping options include those nestled in the heart of the island, like the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort. Or stay further afield in lush forests at the Point South KOA — whichever you prefer. Talk to our experts about what’s right for your trip.


You won’t want to miss Hilton Head Island’s famous white sand beaches. Covering the edges of the island, the beaches are 12 miles of pure relaxation. Head to local public access points and set up your umbrella for the day, or hit the sand in time for a spectacular sunrise or sunset photo opportunity.


The Coastal Discovery Museum isn’t just your average building full of historical objects, it’s a family-friendly center for exploring the low country. It offers gardens and hands-on time with local flora and fauna, tours of all shapes and sizes, and a great jumping-off point for any visitor who wants to learn more about this amazing part of the country. Take an educational boat trip to learn about local animals, marshes, and even industry. Explore the natural world on the latest technology via Segway, or go back in time to learn about the living fossils around us in the form of the native horseshoe crab. There’s plenty to do at this local historical hot spot.


If you’re a fan of golf or tennis, you’re in for a treat on Hilton Head Island. They have 24 world-class golf courses and over 250 tennis courts. You could hardly play every site in just one vacation, but it’ll be fun trying! For the golfer looking to improve their swing, try one of the area’s many golf schools and academies. The vast majority of the courses on the island and nearby are public, and you can map out which ones suits your tastes. Play near the water, or in lush greenery that will make you think you’ve never seen the color green before.

For the tennis buff, you can work on your serve with a trained professional instructor at one of the many local tennis academies, or simply play a few matches with your friends and then hit the beach in the afternoon. The award-winning tennis centers available on Hilton Head will inspire any player, from beginner to seasoned professional who loves playing a lifelong sport in beautiful surroundings.

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